Create stunning resume on GitHub with GitHub Profile

Create stunning resume on GitHub with GitHub Profile

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·Jul 7, 2021·

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GitHub is clearly one of the main assistants for any developer as both distributed version control and source code management system and developer portfolio. Though with the new feature of GitHub profile, further developers now can easily use it to showcase himself on the main page of his GitHub profile

GitHub profile README not just for descriptive pages like who am I. We can create excessively unusual profile pages that comprise GitHub actions, dynamic content (blog posts, youtube videos, etc.), GIFs, images, badges, and so on.

How GitHub profile README looks like?

GitHub automatically embeds profile README markdown file into your profile, so anyone who visits your GitHub page will see your outstanding resume 🚀 GitHub profile README

How far I can customize my GitHub profile README?

GitHub profile resumes simply use markdown syntax, so we can push the limits with the help of Markdown, HTML, and some CSS. We can also extend our borders with the help of other "profile readme widgets". But we'll come back to customization later in a more detailed form. Github profile readme

How to add a profile README?

Upfront, we have to check prerequisites that GitHub requires to show your profile README on our profile page:

  1. You've created a repository with a name that matches your GitHub username.
  2. The repository is public.
  3. The repository contains a file named in its root.
  4. The file contains any content.

So, if everything is in order, let's create our profile README:

  1. We have to create a new public repository that matched our GitHub username. As you see, if repo name equals our GitHub username GitHub celebrates this secret ✨ Create public repo

  2. To use README we have to initialize our repo with README. If we forget to initialize with it, don't worry. We can simply add a file named into this repo when you want. initialize README

  3. Create a repo and check out our GitHub profile. Now we can see the sample profile README that GitHub created for us. sample github profile readme

  4. We can edit this README as any other markdown file and all our commits will be applied immediately to our GitHub profile. If we don't know where to start creating our custom profile README, GitHub creates each profile README file with the starter template. We just need to uncomment, edit and commit.

github profile starter template

Voilà! Our simple profile README is ready. You can check my profile and feel free to suggest changes. Madat's GitHub

What resources do we need to create and customize a stunning GitHub profile README? 😮

While README is an uncomplicated file with the markdown syntax, no complex knowledge is needed. But with the help of the following resources, we can do better while creating and customizing our profile README.

  1. Markdown Cheat Sheet
  2. GitHub Emojis
  3. GitHub Profile Stats
  4. Badges
  5. Awesome GitHub profile README collection
  6. Profile now playing Spotify
  7. All other tools
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